"Remember When" 6V6 Transmitter Kit
This is a carefully planned and designed replica
of a vintage code (CW) 'home brew' transmitter  
chassis, sucker sticks to support the home
wound coil, and Fahnestock clips to connect
antenna and key. The slat and end blocks used in  
our kit are Amish prepared solid oak. Brass plated
screws are included for chassis assembly. This kit
includes the nails and instructions to make a coil
form to wind your own coils. Also included are
screws, terminal strips, solder lugs, tube sockets,
sucker sticks, wire and capacitors and resistors
and a choke for assembly. A well illustrated step
by step manual is included.  This transmitter is
capable of 3 or 4 watts output with 250 to 350
volts in. Warranted against factory defective
parts.  The power supply and crystal are not
A 6V6 tube is included in each
$70.00  Free S&H